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Elder Law is the area of the law which addresses the issues facing older and disabled Americans and their families. Notwithstanding the term "Elder Law," the field also is the primary area of law dealing the the legal needs of individuals and their families, regardless of age, of anyone with a disability. Elder Law focuses on care planning issues, including access to appropriate medical and personal care, and coordinating private and public resources to finance the cost of such care. With proper planning, disability need not be a financial catastrope to a family. An Elder Law attorney should be able to assist, whether the family is in crisis or looking at advance planning. An Elder Law office can also assist in substitute decision-making strategies when an individual is not able to make their own personal care or financial decisions. Our practice also specializes in conservatorships and their alternatives, general estate planning, and estate and trust administration issues (e.g. wills, trusts, and probate). Our practice covers all of San Diego County.

San Diego County Bar Association, Elder Law Section

February 5, 2008