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Liz Lockwood

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liz bioLiz Lockwood has been with the San Diego Elder Law Center since 2004, starting as an outside contractor handling the court required accountings. Over time, her eclectic skill set and eye for detail proved to be an indispensable asset to the office. In 2008 she joined San Diego Elder Law Center full time, and serves as our Public Benefits Paralegal and Office Manager. “The most gratifying part about working here is knowing that what the firm does every day makes such a positive difference in people’s lives,” Liz tells us. “In addition to being part of the wonderful and amazing team that makes up the San Diego Elder Law Center “family”, the thank yous I receive on a daily basis from our clients is why this is the best job in the world!” Liz’s primary work philosophy has always been to enjoy what she does and keep learning while she does it.

Liz grew up in Sonoma, California and brings with her a career spanning many years in several industries, including teaching, real estate appraisal, and accounting/account analyst positions. Her most important and favorite past position was that of full-time stay at home mom.

She has a BA, a M.Ed. and a California teaching credential. In her spare time Liz enjoys spending time with her family, gardening, travel and knitting, particularly socks! It has been rumoured that the attorneys of SDELC occasionally don “lucky socks” when they appear at court.